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Laser 650nm 5mw 3V 6MM Diodo Laser Semiconduttore di rame

Laser 650nm 5mw 3V 6MM Diodo Laser Semiconduttore di rame

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Product Description

Laser 650nm 5mw 5V 6MM Diodo Laser Semiconduttore di rame

Potenza di uscita: 5mW
Lunghezza d’onda: 650nm
Diametro esterno: 6MM
Tensione di funzionamento: DC 3V
Corrente di funzionamento: <40 mA
Forma del laser: Dot
Temperatura di funzionamento: -10 ~ +40
Perfetto per il progetto DIY
Materiale della copertura: Rame
Lunghezza cavo: ca. 2,4 centimetri
Diodo diametro: approssimativamente 0.6cm

Wave length: 650 nm power: 5 mw diameter: 6 mm
1: to pay attention to the safety of laser batteries, remove the electric power pool to prevent others cause a short-circuit or battery burning explosion accident.
2: the particularity of the laser emission principle and production process determines the laser has the characteristics of ordinary light does not have, namely the merit (monochromatic, coherence, good, good directivity) high brightness (high).
3: it is mainly used for laser toys, all kinds of level, ground wire gauge, etc
Making electronic pointer pen: when the teacher lectures, with laser projection points to students observing her thinking.
Electronic level: let the motor drives the baldheaded twisting or turning, projected in a straight line on the wall, for decoration or Posting pictures do level reference.
Mini LCD projection: demolition of condenser, let the laser can be controlled through LCD, can make clear projection on the walls.
Distance laser listener: let the laser on the listening room glass, and then receive the glass reflected back into the laser beam, detect the glass of the vibration reduction to voice out of the room.
Distance electric burglar alarm: in the one horn of the need to protect the fish ponds or watermelon field on the laser tube and photosensitive resistance, in the other three Angle on reverse side mirror, to form the protection zone.
Distance laser wireless communication: by using a pair of laser transceiver respectively between the two far away each other on the roof, using SCM serial communication protocol can send and receive files, and even connected to the Internet.
This laser by emitting tube core, the condenser lens, copper adjustable sleeve of three parts, sent to the user, the three parts have been assembled, lens focal length adjustment well, too, and it has been use super glue
Ok, the user can work 5 v dc power supply on.
Pay special attention to the people’s eyes.
Need long time to light the laser head, please add more current limiting resistor
Special note: this is red laser beams of laser emission, namely the parallel beam. Only on the premise of fog or there is other medium can see a faint red line, and normally see is

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