KQ-130F Power Line Carrier Module

KQ-130F Power Line Carrier Module

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Product Description

KQ-130F Power Line Carrier Module

  •  Intergrate the KQ-330F module and the external circuit carrier
    wave board without other coupled components,directly connected
    to the 220V AC.
  • The max length of 1 frame continuous transmission ?252 bytes,user 
    can set  from 1 to 252, and the module does not send redundant date.
  • Power Frequency insulating withstand voltage:3000V 1min testing
    with AC and GND no breakdown,no leakage current.
  • Anti-lightning:Inner panel TVS tube protection,not only the PCB circuit
    layout material selection but also the components selection are according
    to wide temperature,high withstand voltage and anti high pressure shock design.
  • Receiver sensitivity :?1mV 
  • Out-of-band inhibition ability 😕 60 dB
  • Bandwidth:?10 KHZ
  • Insulation resistance:500V ?500M?
  • Power supply:DC +5V Reception:?11mA Sent:?230mA
  • Working frequency: 120-135KHZ
  • Interface baud rate: 9600bps
  • Actual baud rate: 100bps
  • Working tempreture:-25?-70?
  • Humidity??90%

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