Containing chips the ISD1700 Department class voice recording the module, ISD1760 module

Containing chips the ISD1700 Department class voice recording the module, ISD1760 module

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A, ISD1700 voice module
A simple the ISD1700 voice module is quickly become familiar with and master ISD1700 series chip design board. It applies to the ISD1700 series chip, with a simple operation, fully functional. The ISD1700 Series recorders chip is a highly integrated, high-performance chip. It can be a multi-segment recording sampling rate can be adjusted from 4K to 12K, the power supply can range between 2.4V to 5.5V. ISD1700 there new recording prompts, when there is a new recording, LED back flash once every few seconds to prompt the user to have a new recording. In addition, there are four kinds of audio prompts the user for the result of the operation, such as start recording, stop recording, erasing a all erase. The recording data is stored in the FLASH of the chip, without any compression, so has a better sound quality and power storage. The chip has two independent channels of voice signal input channel, microphone input analog signal input. Independent key mode when the operation after completion of a functional chip will automatically enter power down mode to reduce power consumption. In SPI mode, the user is more functional operation of the chip. Recorder, analog channel configuration register (Analog PathConfiguration register, APC) read and write to any memory address.

B, module description
Size: 5.2CM * 5.5CM;
Power supply: 5V;
Recording time: 6K 75 seconds, 60 seconds 8K;
4 the chip the working frequency 6KHZ and 8KHZ selectable;
With power indicator, a chip indicator lights;
Simple operation, no microcontroller or other modules will be able to direct work;
7. Chip control pin leads, convenient control connection

C ISD1700 modules work independently instructions (KEYS)
1. Recording REC:
Press and hold the REC key while the LED lights up, then speak into the MIC, the content of speech will be recorded into the ISD1700 voice chip.
After recording period of to Lift this key LED also turns off, press again to start recording the second paragraph and subsequent paragraphs were operating.
2. Playback the PLAY:
There are two ways, edge-triggered and level-triggered. (Note: After recording the sound playback pointer will remain in the starting address of the segment at last finished recording, playback put the last paragraph)
(1) edge-triggered: point, click the PLAY button to put the current segment during playback LED flashes extinguished until the end of the playback. Playback after playback pointer just put the starting address of the segment, click the PLAY button will again put just discharged this period.
(2) level trigger: Play All chip will often press the PLAY button all the voice messages, and the cycle until you release the button.
3. Fast forward FWD:
Perform playback operations, point, click this button playback pointer will point to the next paragraph, double-click the point to this paragraph after the second paragraph of the start. Press this key during playback to stop play current segment then play the next paragraph, if the current player is the last paragraph, stop playing the final period of play of the first paragraph.
4. Erase ERASE:
Single segment erase operation only the first and last paragraph of the effective point, when the playback pointer in the first or the last paragraph, press this key will erase the first or the last paragraph. Playback pointer will jump erase before second or penultimate paragraph. Often chip press this button more than 3 seconds to enter the "erase all modes of operation, the LED lights flash twice, continue pressing this button, the LED flashes off at 7 under, then release the button, voice chip All erased.
5. Reset RESET:
Click this key chips perform reset operation. After reset, playback and recording pointer to point to the last paragraph of playback pointer to the last paragraph of the starting the recording pointer to the last period of the last. At this point execution playback to play the last paragraph, perform recording, followed by the last paragraph start recording a new last paragraph.
6. Tuning VOL:
Click this button can adjust the size of the chip output sound. Chip default output maximum sound per click, the sound 4db decay. Press this key until the voice of the smallest continue per click, the sound increases 4db (Note: perform a reset, the sound output to the maximum).
7. FT direct operations:
FT pin with GND, sustained low start passthrough mode. Direct action will voice direct access to speakers or AUD output on from Analn side. During recording, if you press the FT also recorded the Analn incoming voice signal


Abbiamo disponibili datasheet di tutti i componenti, qualora non fosse presente nella scheda download del prodotto inviaci un messaggio dal modulo contattaci e lo pubblicheremo il prima possibile nel nostro sito.

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Containing chips the ISD1700 Department class voice recording the module, ISD1760 module

Containing chips the ISD1700 Department class voice recording the module, ISD1760 module

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