si4432 digital transmission module (spring antenna)

si4432 digital transmission module (spring antenna)

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SI4432 digital transmission module (spring antenna) 

Product Description

    Module using Silicon Labs' Si4432 wireless transceiver chip is a complete, compact, low-power wireless transceiver module. Silicon Labs' EZRadioPRO Series SI44322009 by Silicon launch ISM band wireless chip, one can work in the range of 240-960 MHZ band, and the maximum output power up to +20 DBm, which to some extent to meet the development of the RF signal amplification difficult problem. Then set the maximum power condition, open communication distance of up to thousands of meters. The module integrates all RF related functions and devices, the user does not need to understand the knowledge of the radio, you can use this module to easilydevelop reliable performance wireless-related products


1, Frequency range :410-440M (antenna matching optimal range, and the domestic as free ISM band)
2, Sensitivity: up to -120 ~-121dBm (1.2Kbps)
Wireless transmitter maximum output power: 20 ~ 20.5dBm (1.2Kbps, 433M)
4, the data transfer rate :0.123-256kbps
5, the modulation mode: FSK, GFSK and OOK
6, power supply :1.8-3 .6 V
7, ultra-low consumption in power-down mode is 10nA (4.21ms), in the standby mode, 300nA, sleep mode 600nA (1.21ms); receive current is 18.5mA, maximumemission current of 80mA (200us).
8, digital received signal strength indication (RSSI)
9 timed wake-up function, wireless wake-up function (WUT)
10, the antenna automatically match and the two-way switch control
11 configurable packet structure
12, the front synchronization signal detector
13, 64 bytes of data transceiver register (FIFO)
14 chip integrated low-battery detection
15, the on-chip temperature sensor and 8-bit analog-to-digital converters
16, operating temperature range: -40 to +80 ° C (temperature characteristics and product consistency is much better!)
17, the integrated regulator
18, frequency hopping function
19, the power-on reset function
20 built-in crystal error adjustment function

21, the chip automatically calculate and check CRC-16, and the support of three 16-bit CRC polynomial

22, Rieng head up to 4 bytes can be used to Rieng head filters used at the receiving end, so you can set the address to receive!



  The module can be two interface options:

1) the left side of 1.27mm pitch gold-plated patch stamp interface, users in the design of products can directly and backplane stitching. Help to improve the integration of the system, 1.27 pitch interface is not used, and too thin, dense, pre-test is not very convenient.

2) on both sides with 2.54mm pitch the most common and most versatile row-pin interface, easy to test, structural stability and docking system, and can row seat interface, the module can be easily replaced.


1, around the antenna must be open, away from the battery, such as metal, around the antenna PCB prohibited deposited copper, and when necessary, the PCB and the antenna portion overlapping to be hollowed out or punched.

2, when the design of the product on the metal casing, metal cabinet, with a feeder line signal from the antenna lead out the rubber head of externalSMA antenna or sucker antenna, otherwise the signal is shielded by a metal housing cause the distance to be greatly reduced, the distance , you can use the high-gain antenna.

3, power supply design. The power supply is the heart of the whole system, the key consideration should be designed. si4432 wireless modulerecommended operating voltage 3.3V, transient currents can provide more than 200mA.

4, DCDC, LDO buck, but also consider the impact of the ripple and surge current. Ripple with LC network can access the module power processing;inrush current can be connected to a large capacitor.

5, if battery powered, should consider the adequacy of the transient current of the battery, lithium battery nickel-metal hydride battery is recommended not recommend using dry batteries.

Software design, should make use of the data packet communication, communication settings at lower rates, the greater the distance.

7, when the communication speed communication outside the DEMO program, application parameters calculation tool recalculate thecommunication parameters. And communication requirements according to their own products, appropriate adjustments.

Do mass-produced products, such as considering product testability, maintainability Alternatively, should maximize the use of the DIP interface.

Pin Assignment: 

1. GND power supply
2. GPIO0 internal module, launch control foot
3. GPI01 internal access module to accept control foot
4. GPIO2 directly connected to the chip GIIO2 pin
5. VCC positive supply 3.3V
6. SDO 0-VDD V digital output provides a serial readback function of the internal control register
7. SDI serial data input. 0-VDD V digital input, this pin for 4-wire serial data clock function
8. SCLK serial clock input. 0-VDDV last month set of inputs. This pin provides a 4-wire serial data clock function
9. NSEL serial interface select input pin,0-VDDV digital input. This pin to 4-wire serial data bus select / enable function, this signal is also used, said the burst read / write mode.
10. NIRQ interrupt output pin
11. SDN Close the input pin. Input 0-VDDV digital. SDN = 0 in shutdown mode, so mode
12. GND access power ground
13. ANT 50 ohm coaxial antenna
14. GND antenna


Abbiamo disponibili datasheet di tutti i componenti, qualora non fosse presente nella scheda download del prodotto inviaci un messaggio dal modulo contattaci e lo pubblicheremo il prima possibile nel nostro sito.


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si4432 digital transmission module (spring antenna)

si4432 digital transmission module (spring antenna)

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