Speak Recognition, Voice Recognition Module V3

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Modulo V3 riconoscimento vocale per ArduinoSpeaker dependent.

  • Alimentazione : 4.5-5.5V
  • Corrente assorbita : <40mA
  • Livelli input/ output: 5V TTL level UART interface
  • Interfaccia analogica : 3.5mm mono-channel microphone connector + microphone pin interface
  • Capacità :  80 istruzioni vocali lunghi max 1,5sec composti da 1 o 2 parole .  ( 7 comandi vocali alla volta disponibili) 
  • Misure: 33 x 15.6  mm


We all know that there is a kind of module which can control the light on and off. You make a sound, the light turns on. Then after a while it turns off. This is not voice recognition. We may call it Sound Control. Voice recognition is something that knows exactly what you were saying.

We've beening thinking about a module which helps to control other devices by voice and it will not cost too much. Finally we designed this module. Well, what can this module do? It can recognize as much as 15 voice instruction, which is suitable for most cases involving voice control.




  • Voltage: 4.5-5.5V
  • Current: <40mA
  • Digital Interface: 5V TTL level for UART interface and GPIO
  • Analog Interface: 3.5mm mono-channel microphone connector +  microphone pin interface
  • Recognition accuracy: 99% (under ideal environment)


  • Support maximum 80 voice commands, with each voice 1500ms (one or two words speaking)
  • Maximum 7 voice commands effective at same time
  • Arduino library is supplied
  • Easy Control: UART/GPIO
  • User-control General Pin Output



Example 1


Here i will show you an example how to control RGB by voice.


1. Recording


We need to send serial command to this module. You may need a USB-TTL module (Product Page) to connect it with PC. Send command 0xaa11 to record. Please refer to the manual for more information.

Please record the following voice instrctions in order:







2. Hardware connection


The module in above picture is V1. For V2, the connection is the same.


3. Code

int redPin = 11; // R petal on RGB LED module connected to digital pin 11

int greenPin = 9; // G petal on RGB LED module connected to digital pin 9

int bluePin = 10; // B petal on RGB LED module connected to digital pin 10

byte com = 0; //reply from voice recognition

void setup()



pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // sets the ledPin to be an output

pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT); // sets the redPin to be an output

pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT); // sets the greenPin to be an output

pinMode(bluePin, OUTPUT); // sets the bluePin to be an output








void loop() // run over and over again




com = Serial.read();



case 0x11:

color(255,255,255); // turn RGB LED on -- white


case 0x12:

color(255, 0, 0); // turn the RGB LED red


case 0x13:

color(0,255, 0); // turn the RGB LED green


case 0x14:

color(0, 0, 255); // turn the RGB LED blue


case 0x15:

color(0,0,0); // turn the RGB LED off





void color (unsigned char red, unsigned char green, unsigned char blue) // the color generating function


analogWrite(redPin, red*102/255);

analogWrite(bluePin, blue*173/255);

analogWrite(greenPin, green*173/255);


Upload the code above to Ardui-no. Please disconnect TX and RX while uploading code because uploading would occupy serial interface.


4. Video

After uploading is done, connect RX and TX, and then press RESET button on Ardui-no.

You can see the video on Youtube



Example 2


Here we will show you how to use the GPIO output to control other device.


Step 1

First you have to record the voice instruction. Send command 0xAA12 (group 2).

Please record the following 5 voice instructions in given order:






Please note you have to speak clearly.


Step 2

Connect the device with LEDs in the following way:


 Step 3

Import voice group 2 by command 0xAA22 or set pin GCH HIGH and pin GCL LOW

Speak voice instruction.

Now you could control the LEDs by voice.

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Speak Recognition, Voice Recognition Module V3

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