SK6812 RGBW 60LED/Meter IP67 5V LED Strip , Price for 1 Meter

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SK6812 RGBW 60LED/Meter IP67 5V LED Strip , Price for 1 Meter

1, the product model: XT-DC5V-60LED-SK6812RGBW
2, light source: SMD 5050 built-in ICRGBW point control lamp beads
3, plate: FPCB;
4, chip: Taiwan wafer chip, and other chips in Taiwan;
5, IC model SK6812RGBW (1 meter 60 IC, an IC control an LED light);
6, gray level: 256, (1 m 60 pixels) + white light;
7, LED quantity: 60 lights / m, each one for a group of lights, you can cut;
8, the light-emitting angle: 180 °;
9, light color: can be adjusted by the controller, white, red, yellow, blue, green, and so on;
10, the standard operating voltage: DC 5V;
11, Power: 18W ± 10% / m;
12, waterproof rating: not waterproof, Dijiao (IP65), casing (IP67), casing solid filling (IP68)
13, FPCB board size: width: 10 mm, thickness: 3 mm;
14, FPCB color: white, yellow, black (except white need to be customized);
15, Packing: 5 m / roll, back of the light bar 3M adhesive, static bag;
16, Weight: 0.15g / volume;
17, Packing: 50 rolls / box Box size: 450 * 330 * 310 (mm), weight: 8.5KG;
18, Division I can provide matching Symphony controller and power supply
  60 60 lights rgbw Symphony light installation and the main issues:
 1, indoor installation: LED lights for indoor installation is relatively simple, do not have to withstand wind and rain. The installation can be directly tear off the back of the light strip 3M double-sided adhesive surface of the sticker, and then fixed to the light bar where you want to install flat. If you encounter a corner or light bar is too long too short, LED lights can be marked with a pair of scissors in the tangent line at any cut or welding alone.
2, outdoor installation: outdoor installation will be subject to wind and rain, can not be fixed with 3M glue, so outdoor installation often used card slot fixed way, need to cut and connect the place, methods and indoor installation, just need additional equipment Waterproof glue, in order to consolidate the connection point of the waterproof effect.
3, the power connection method: LED Symphony with a general DC voltage DC5V, so you need to use switching power supply, the size of the power supply according to LED lights with the power and connection length to be.

4, the controller connection: LED and RGBW with a full lantern with the need to use the controller to achieve the effect of change, and each controller control distance is not the same, in general, the simple control of the control distance of 10 to 15 meters, remote control control distance of 15 to 20 meters, the longest can be controlled to 30 meters distance. If the LED light with a long connection distance, and the controller can not control so long with the lights, then you need to use the power amplifier for tapping.
Power + controller + light bar
1. First look for the direction: each section of the light bar has some small arrows, the arrow refers to the direction of the output, indicating the signal forward; arrows for the input end of the direction for our link signal wiring direction;
2. There is a three-color (red-green-white) pair of plug connectors and a two-color (red and white) pair of plug connectors for each light strip input (ie, the front of the arrow on the light bar)
Three-color connector (red, green and white) then the controller:
Red - positive is not connected vacant (or connected to the power supply + 5V power +)
Green - the signal output port above the controller is usually: DATA
The ground terminal (ie, the 5V negative pole) on the white-to-ground controller is usually GND or COM
Two-color connector (red and white) Power:
Red - positive 5V power transformer is usually above the positive: + V
White - Negative 5V power The negative side of the transformer is usually -V or COM

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SK6812 RGBW 60LED/Meter IP67 5V LED Strip , Price for 1 Meter

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